for mom

Growing up, I learned to associate the color yellow with my mom. We had a bright yellow car, and the roses she preferred were this same vivid color. She loves the color yellow. Therefore, this photo is for her.

BigSurWeekend 20140413 DSCF1344

I love you, Mom.

A little tug in my hamstring discouraged me from squeezing in a hike after my mommy shuttling duties were complete. With my trip a little more than a week away, I can’t afford to mess with injuries. In lieu of hiking, theMAN and me take drive over the hill for a seaside stroll (aka “photo walk”) and a little bonding time at Margaritaville.

BigSurWeekend 20140413 DSCF1329

We took our time walking along the ocean, stopping to take in the view and/or snap a photo of it. This is just one of the many photos I took along the way. I had fun composing the shot to include the wildflowers in the foreground. Since we are often photographing the same things, I have been looking for ways to make my photos a little different from the ones theMAN takes. It’s a fun exercise and helps to challenge me in my development as a photographer. Plus it’s cool to have photos that stand out and make this seaside stroll different from the last one.

BigSurWeekend 20140407 DSCF1319

I’m more of a dog person but this little guy was kind of cute.

BigSurWeekend 20140406 DSC 3538

TheMAN recently bought himself a little camera to take with him on his trip to Nepal. His eagerness to get familiar with his new toy has lead to outings in the final hours of daylight. I call these walks in-search-of-picture-worthy-items “photo walks.” They are a great eye-openers, allowing us to see things in a way which we have never quite seen them before.

This sunflower is growing not far from the sidewalk about 5-6 houses down from me.

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