Make way for….?

As July comes to a close, the building is emptying out. Another bunch will be having their exit interviews tomorrow and bidding farewell to those of us left behind. Looking around my office, aware that I will be in a cubicle after the move to headquarters (HQ), I begin thinking about what items will need to be boxed up and taken home.

Even in this trying economic time, it would seem that those of us left behind are a whole more uncertain than those who have been voted off. This just seems wrong — oh, so very wrong.

When I look online, I don’t see a whole lot of appealing jobs which are any closer to home than where my company is moving me. I also haven’t heard from Company J since my surprise interview. I am doing my very best not to let it get me down but admittedly it is — and that must change.

If I am going to stay with my current company, or even if I am not, I need to open up my mind to the possibility that the change in scenery will be okay. Different, but possibly okay. And while there may not be a kind policeman there to stop traffic so that I can cross over safely to my new location, I am pretty sure that I can manage. It’s not like I have a flock of ducks to tend to. It’s just me.

Tomorrow, I return to HQ for more training followed by a little hobnobbing with the big wigs. I suppose it is the perfect opportunity to test the waters a bit.

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